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Born in the UK, Srabani Ghosh graduated from the University of Calcutta, India, before joining in 2013 London’s Central Saint Martins. She graduated three years later with 1st Class Honours in Ceramic Design. Since then, out of her West London studio or from Buckinghamshire’s HG Matthews century old kilns, Srabani relentlessly pushes the boundaries of her unpredictable medium of predilection by singularly blending to the earthenware the authenticity of her roots and emotional narratives.  

“As an artist working at scale with a ubiquitous material such as clay, I seek to change and challenge perceptions. I consciously choose to revive and innovate age-old processes and techniques often lost and forgotten in this digital age. Digital transformation that appears to draw the world close paradoxically is pushing the souls of our humanity further apart. Isolation and loneliness is on the rise despite the noise and cacophony of technological advancement that threatens to steal our sleep, well-being and life force.”

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