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Patrick Lee, an artist, MD and Co-Founder of Para-Site Art Space, born 1949 and is currently based in Hong Kong, has been one of the main influences in contemporary Hong Kong photographic art. Patrick has exhibited in Hong Kong on a regular basis and has had several exhibitions abroad since 1989. After his last series in 2000 (edited in the book Night Vigil), he decided to go back into the shadow and pursue his personal quest without witness. His major comeback took place in November 2004 at Art Statements Gallery with a solo exhibition titled ‘Look!’, where he exhibited his colour photography for the first time. This is how Patrick describes the show…

‘It happened suddenly and I experienced as a fact for the first time in my flesh and bones that “all is without permanence”, over what I had regretted for a long time that “all life is suffering”. I was seized by an overwhelming fear and a paralyzing doubt. And just as suddenly, I arrived at yet another understanding, that to be alive and live my life “in truth” meant being present, moment by moment, in touch with reality without denial or escapism, a reality where there was present the One I sought and the One I loved.’

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