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The work of Fabien Verschaere needs to be seen as a whole and as a continual series of personal mythologies. Through blending recurrent symbols such as mermaids, dwarfs and objects together, Verschaere evokes human conditions and experiences whilst assembling a dreamlike theatre that is both intimate and personal.

Although Verschaere’s work seems to be based on contradictions — attractive and repulsive, exotic but banal, dangerous yet exciting, meaningful though derisory and insignificant, his remarkable observations and unusual depictions of characters and situations provoke ambiguous feelings within his viewers. The result is a body of work with strong foundations and unexpected encounters.

Fabien Verschaere was born in Vincenne (France) in 1975 and lives and works in Paris. He has been exhibited extensively since 2000, including the prestigious Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Prague Biennale, Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Italy, the Montreal Biennale and recently at the Lyon Contemporary Art Museum. His most recent museum exhibition was at the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art in U.K.

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